In Tibet, 2014

Phanuthep Sutthithepthamrong

Animation & Film Director

Phanuthep have been working in animation and film industries for more than a decade in various fields, including PlayStation games, TV advertising, music videos, visual effects for films, animation series, and animated films. In 2000, working with the Thai studio Anya Animation, he was the co-director, art director, and compositor, of the 3D computer-animated feature film, Tales of King Vikram and Vetan the Vampire. This film received overwhelmingly positive feedback when it was first screened in 2005. It was widely released via Thai channel 3 in 2007. King Vikram was also selected for screening in festivals in Japan, Korea, and Europe. His recent project with Anya Animation was The Lady of Badal.  

He has also created his own films; his 3D Animation & Pixilation Music Video Mob City won the Director’s Festival Choice Award from the Portland Indy Animation Film Festival, Oregon USA in 2004. His recent short film, World’s End, was an official selection of the 2012 International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts and the 2012 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, and was featured at many other international film festivals. 

With regard to his academic background, while living in Thailand he finished his BA in Film and his MA in Buddhist Studies. In addition to studying Buddhism in an academic context, he was fully ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk for five years from 2003 to 2008.

Since early 2014, he has been working for Guna Foundation on a Buddhist documentary film, The Great Transmission, which is planned for release in 2015. Since he has a strong background in both animation and film, he works for Guna Foundation not only as the animation & VFX creative director, but also as a cinematographer. His skillset has allowed him to help the studio produce a more innovative and creative documentary, with a powerful narrative thrust.  



Berkeley, CA  USA